Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Determined to make the web safer for all, here at TEQ Care, we take the privacy of the users very seriously. In order to protect their data, we take all the possible measures to effectively combat unauthorized access, intrusion, and cyber-attacks. This Privacy Policy, in sync with our Terms and Conditions, illustrates and maintains, with complete transparency, our utmost commitment to uphold users’ privacy. It outlines the kind of details we collect, how they are collected, and what we do with them. In case if you disagree with this Privacy Policy – wholly or with any particular clause – you’re requested to leave this website and discontinue any of the association you may have with TEQ Care. By continuing your use of this website, and association with our business in any capacity, you’re providing, voluntarily, your complete consent to this privacy policy.

What Information We Collect?

We collect a host of user data; some of it is collected automatically, others the users provide voluntarily. Note, however, the data collected automatically by our system is Non Personally Identifiable Information Data or Non-PII Data; it cannot be used to identify individual users. So, their privacy remains protected. The information users provide voluntarily, they provide to fulfill a particular request or order. The details include, but aren’t limited to, their full name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and credit card information. The information recorded automatically by our system includes, but isn’t limited to, browser type, session duration, and IP address.

How We Collect Information and What We Do With It?

The information collected automatically, or provided by the users willingly, is collected in a range of ways. When they subscribe to our website, users are required to give their email address, name, and more. When they ask for a quote or place an order, they are required to provide details like email address, name, business details, credit card details, and more. Time to time, we may even run promotions or campaigns that may ask for users' details. Such information, provided voluntarily, is collected to proceed an order, fulfill a request, send marketing collaterals, and for other purposes. Select emails come with an ‘unsubscribe’ link that you can easily opt for to stop our emails. You can also reach out to us directly if you want to stop receiving our emails. On the other hand, this website uses cookies. These small text files, quite standard on the web, enable us to automatically collect users’ information. The objective behind using cookies is multi-fold. It helps improve the functionality of our website. It helps improve the user experience of the visitors. It enables us with Non-PII data that assist us in making informed internal changes and delivering an even better experience to the users. You can always disable cookies from the setting of your browser. Note, this may make parts of our website inaccessible for you.

How Do We Protect the Information?

A safer web is a right for all. We take all the steps into ensuring that our users’ data remains protected all the time. In accordance with the web security and data protection standards, we have different technical and administrative measures in place. For once, our professionals run manual scans regularly in order to detect any loophole, leakages, or vulnerabilities at the earliest. The collected data remains safe, the access of which is allowed to very few and most trusted individuals. We’re also always ahead of the curve when it comes to security, pulling the strings in advance to thwart any advancing threats. However, all said, while we do all we can – and then some more – to protect user data, we bear no guarantee if the data gets compromised. Due to the dynamic nature of the web where newer threats energy regularly, guaranteeing complete security isn’t possible. In such events of data leaks or compromise, TEQ Care cannot be held liable.

Additional Clauses

  • We will never sell user data.
  • We use trusted third-party applications or solutions for various reasons on our website. When you’re engaging with such applications or solutions, your rights would come under the terms of their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  • In case, if ever we’re legally obligated to share user data with authorities, based on our best judgment, we might oblige. In such a case, we’re not responsible to inform about it to the concerned user(s).
  • We regularly make changes to this Privacy Policy, as and when needed. The changes, when published, come into effect immediately. So, you’re asked to keep a check on this page to track such changes.


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